X-PLUS Destroy All Monsters 50th Anniversary Set

Celebrating 1968 Kaiju movie "Destroy All Monsters" 50th anniversary, Japanese company X-PLUS announce its most expensive Anniversary Gift "Destroy All Monsters 50th Anniversary 11 figure Set," estimate release November of 2018 for 149,040 Yen.

Destroy All Monsters is the 9th of the Godzilla movie. Set at the end of the 20th century, Mankind relocates all the world threatening monsters to Monsterland set in Bonin Islands. Then one day, Monsterland control center was attacked by alien Kilaaks and the monsters were controlled to attack around the world. In the quest for world domination, they even summon King Ghidorah for support with 10 vs 1. This movie had the most Kaiju until "Godzilla: Final Wars."

▼ The original trailer for Destroy All Monsters were lost, so officially they Toho use the re-release Ver.

Destroy All Monsters 50th Anniversary Set includes the 11 Kaiju from the film, with Godzilla, Ghidorah, Minilla, Baragon, Manda, Anguirus, Kumonga, Varan, Mothra (larva), Rodan, and Gorosaurus. Besides King Ghidorah new flying design, all other Kaiju is the same as the past release. It also includes Mount Fuji backdrop to display all 11 Kaiju with!

Destroy All Monsters 50th Anniversary Set
Price: 149,040 Yen
Estimate release date: November of 2018
Godzilla 25cm
Ghidorah 47cm
Minilla 15cm
Rodan 26.5cm
Mothra (larva) 23cm
Baragon 23cm
Anguirus 34cm
Kumonga 50cm
Gorosaurus 23.5cm
Varan 21cm
Manda 46cm