Defender of Star City! DC Comics Green Arrow 1/4 Scale Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Following the releases of such hero statues as Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman, Sideshow Collectible brings you a new DC Comics Premium Format Figure: Green Arrow, expected to arrive June ~ August 2019.

Green Arrow, AKA Oliver Queen, was the playboy billionaire heir to Queen Industries. Washing up on an island after a shipwreck, he learned to survive by becoming a highly skilled archer and martial artist. Taking advantage of a pirate landing, he singlehandedly defeated the entire pirate crew and piloted their ship back to his home Star City. Queen, having survived for five years on the island, had undergone a radical transformation. No longer the socialite of old, he now takes a cue from Batman, using his archery skills to fight crime in Star City as the masked superhero Green Arrow!

Green Arrow Premium Format Figure measures 64.7 cm tall, utilizing the finest craftsmanship to capture Queen with lifelike muscled physique, donning his classic comic book uniform with vest, gloves and hood. His costume features different patterns of green and textures, with the bow strung in Queen’s hands. Aside from the back quiver, the display base features the Green Arrow’s hidden armory mechanism, with additional arrows and gadgets disguised as wooden pegs. The EX edition features a new head sculpt, trading in his modern design for a classic goateed and feather capped look, along with a boxing glove arrowhead!

Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format™ Figure Green Arrow
SRP: $595
Product Dimensions: 1/4th scale, 64.7 cm/25.5" tall
Release Date: June ~ August 2019