XM Studios Transformers Premium Collectibles Megatron 1/10 Statue Prototype Revealed!

After releasing Optimus Prime and Starscream, Singaporean statue brand XM Studios's Transformer Premium Collectibles recently revealed Megatron 1/10 Statue Prototype at Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention(STGCC)2018.

In the 80s cartoon "Transformers: Generation 1", as Decepticon's leader, besides disciplining Starscream and minions, he's known for his classic laughs. Megatron 1/10 Statue is base on the design from the cartoon, with modern realism added in the retro machine.

Head shape remains the same as the cartoon but the expression and details are reinterpreted to make it more terrifying. shoulders canon are both faithfully recreated with minute details. Meteor hammer might have light-up features. Signature laser gun included! Decepticon's purple logo on the chest is so cool, compare to the previous two statues, Megatron is weathered significantly with dust jammed between the seam displayed realistically. Can't wait for the official release info!

▼Let's revisit Megatron's laughter

XM Studios Premium Collectibles Megatron 1/10 Statue
No price or release date yet...