CoolProps Alien: Covenant Neomorph 1:1 Bust

After releasing Xenomorph from Alien: Covenant, Japanese prop company CoolProps who mad bust for the Aliens and Predator franchises, recently announce Neomorph 1:1 Bust.

Neomorph is a new species from Alien: Covenant, basically Xenomorph's original form with a white body and dildo head. When the Covenant crew arrive at the distress signal planet, they are too dumb to put on a mask so all got affected and died. Unlike the Xenomorph, Neomorph comes out of the back instead of the front and is instantly aggressive when born, faster than Xenomorph and use its tail to attack.

Neomorph 1:1 Bust is 50 cm in height and 70cm in length, realistically recreate its white body and head, make with high-level of craftsmanship and lots of details. Cheek has gills on it, the back of the head is made with a spine-like shape and mouth and ears look just like an anus; white to skin gradient and see through blood vessels made is extremely lively. This is a true collector's piece for a Covenant fan.


▼Stormtrooper aim

Price: 140,000 Yen
Scale: 1:1
Specs: 50 cm in height and 70cm in length
Limited 30 piece