Batman: The Animated Series: Gray Ghost Action Figure

After introducing Two-Face and Scarecrow, today DC Collectible announced Gray Ghost 6" Action Figure from Batman: The Animated Series, estimate release May of 2019.

Grey Ghost is the protagonist in "Beware the Gray Ghost" and is Bruce's favorite hero as a kid. Played by Simon Trent, after the series was canceled Simon Trent couldn't get an acting role anymore - he was doomed to forever be the Gray Ghost; at the same time a mad bomber appeared in Gotham just like in the show, so Batman and Gray Ghost work together to save the day, because of it the passion of the show was reignited.

The figure stands 6.2" or 15.8 cm with the gray hat and cape all recreated. Accessories include three remote cars with explosive, handgun, "The Gray Ghost" DVD, and the signing hand with a pencil so he can sign for the fans.

Batman: The Animated Series aired from 1992 to 1995, continuing dark tone of Batman with Dark Deco visual and sound. Besides Batman punching bad guys and solving crimes, the villain also got reworked to be more relatable and sympathetic. It broke new ground and prove animation as not for kids but for adults as well, and influence the DC Comics we know today.

Batman: The Animated Series: 42 Gray Ghost Action Figure
Price: 28 USD
Height: 6.2" or 15.8 cm
Estimate release date: 2019/05