(Updated) Dragon Ball Gals Android 18th Ver. IV Info Unveiled!

Japanese toy company MegaHouse's Dragon Ball Gals after released Android 18th, Android 18th Ver. II, and Android 18th Ver. III, displayed the fourth version painted prototype at the exhibit.

2018/10/03 added official promo images and release information. Displayed in her jumping pose, her cloth is the same as the second version with a black vest and yellow socks. If you bought the previous three that this one is a no-brainer, but if you like the Dragon Ball Gals series be sure to check it out!

In Dragon Ball manga, 18th use to be a normal girl until she was captured by Dr.Gero and turn into Android 17th's twin sister. Awaken when Vegeta and others arrived at the laboratory and married Krillin after Cell was defeated, lived a quiet family life and had a daughter.

Dragon Ball Android 18th Ver. IV
Price: 9,800 Yen (without tax)
Release date: 2019/01

▼ Fourth version painted prototype displayed at the exhibit.