Batman: The Animated Series: Two-Face Action Figure

DC Collectibles published many action figure from Batman: The Animated Series, today I'm introducing the ex D.A. of Gotham turn criminal Two-Face 6" action figure, estimate release date May of 2019.

In Batman: The Animated Series Harvey Dent had a split personality "Big Bad Harv" due to holding in his anger for a long since he was a teenager. In an operation arresting Throne's goon, the henchman kicks mud water on Harvey caused him to go mad in front of the media, thus Handsome Harvey became Hothead Harvey. When Throne threatens Harvey and Harvey chase after him, an explosion burned Harvey's face resulting in his look.

▼Two-Face transformation

The figure stands at 6.2" or 15.8 cm with the normal and grey face, and black and white tuxedo perfectly balanced. Each hand includes a pointing and trigger hand. The accessory includes Tommy gun and TNT.

Batman: The Animated Series aired from 1992 to 1995, continuing dark tone of Batman with Dark Deco visual and sound. Besides Batman punching bad guys and solving crimes, the villain also got reworked to be more relatable and sympathetic. It broke new ground and prove animation as not for kids but for adults as well, and influence the DC Comics we know today.

Price: 28 USD
Height: 6.2" or 15.8 cm
Estimate release date: May of 2019

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