X-PLUS Default Godzilla (1964)

Japanese company X-PLUS recently announced the latest product for the highly popular Default Series, Godzilla from the 1964 movie Mothra vs. Godzilla, estimate release January of 2019.

Mothra vs. Godzilla is the first battle between the two monsters; The Mothra Cocoon was no match for Godzilla but the Mothra twin that born later use their size going in and out of cracks and take turn spitting thread that eventually brought down Godzilla who then fell into the sea.

Godzilla's grey-white brow, sharp teeth, thick black skin texture are all fairly realistic. Through the cute, super deform head recreated the scene were Mothra Cocoon bite Godzilla's tail. Though fat and short, Mothra's mouth and legs are all quite detailed. Additionally ordering the exclusive edition on RIC includes another Mothra Cocoon so its two vs one.

X-PLUS Default Godzilla (1964)
Price: 6,912 Yen
Exclusive Ver.: 7560 Yen
Estimate release date: 2019/01
Specs: Painted PVC figure
Height: 13 cm, base 5 cm