1/12 R2-D2 (Rocket Booster Ver.)

Japanese toy company Bandai's model department "Bandai Hobby" previously release varies scales of characters and vehicles buildable model, is releasing "R2-D2 (Rocket Booster Ver.)" R2-D2 and C-3PO have appeared in every single Star Wars film except Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Adding a lot of functions from the prequels, besides the welding arms, it also includes communication, spaceflight navigation control, boosters, and other special ability. It also includes a stand to arms accessories and holding R2 when he's flying. Check it out if you're a fan of droids!

R2-D2, pronounced Artoo-Detoo and often referred to as R2(Artoo). R2-D2 was designed as an astromech droid for space travels, responsible for auto-repair and assist pilot on chores. Contain all types of arms for all situations in its head, other than repairing many pilots rely on astromech droid as co-pilot or flight computer, for example calculating data and path needed for a hyperspace jump.

1/12 R2-D2 (Rocket Booster Ver.)
Price: 2,376 Yen+Tax
Scale: 1/12
Estimate release date: 2018/09/29