BRING ARTS "Dragon Quest XI" Jade prototype revealed!

After announcing Veronica & Serena, "Dragon Quest XI" Producer Ryota Aomi announce again on his twitter BRING ARTS (owned by Square Enix) Jade 6 inch prototype and will be displayed this month 20th~ 23rd at Tokyo Game Show.

One of the important characters Jade is a fearless and brave warrior, with elegant beauty and long ponytail. She uses powerful kicks, naginata, and "Puff-Puff"(Which is just wearing a bikini and Playboy Bunny suit to lure the enemy). In actually Jade is thought to be the daughter of King who died 16 years ago. She also took care of the protagonist when she was little, after the fall of the kingdom she followed the protagonist's grandfather's journey, to find the perpetrator.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age BRING ARTS Jade
No price or release date yet...