Hack and Slash! Factory Entertainment Jurassic Park Fossil Raptor Claw Metal Bottle Opener

They’ve showed us the gates to the park, and now Factory Entertainment has delivered once again with another pleasant surpise, the Fossil Raptor Claw Metal Bottle Opener, available only at SDCC 2018!

2018 is the 25th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur classic Jurassic Park, and many manufacturers have rolled out their own movie tie-in merchandise to celebrate the occasion. Near the start of the film, we witness the classic scene where paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant enthusiastically explains the evolution of dinosaurs to modern birds, when a plump little boy voices his disinterest. Grant, who already dislikes kids, pulls out his prized raptor claw and proceeds to give an up-close demonstration of raptor hunting habits, showing the boy how raptors disembowel pray with their blade-like talons and leaving him a frightened mess.

The claw bottle opener from Factory Entertainment is a full sized replica of the actual movie prop, measuring 14 cm long and made from a strong zinc alloy. The prop recreates the lustrous black color as seen in the film, and the manufacturers themselves that the claw will last you a solid 65 million years. The packaging comes with instructions on the back, just so you use the right end. If you ever want to crack open a cold one, you know what to do.

Jurassic Park – Fossil Raptor Claw Metal Bottle Opener 2018 SDCC Exclusive
SRP: $15
Product Size: 14 cm/5.5”
Pre-order now on the official Factory Entertainment website Expected Release: End of July 2018