Capcom Figure Builder Creator's Model Teostra

Creator's model brand, under the banner of Capcom Figure Builder series, materializes giant monsters from the Monster Hunter series; It recently announced their latest work Teostra, estimate release date December 2018.

Shape like a Lion with wings, Teostra is brutal and majestic Elder Dragon. Besides the obvious fly ability, special organ allows it to cover in flame, keep hunter away from hugging him. His most terrifying move isn't the firing breath, but the unblockable dust explosion and large AoE "Supernova." Living in hot deserts, volcano, and abandon towers, it usually won't attack human settlement but won't hesitate disintegrating the opponent with his hellfire.

Capcom Figure Builder Creator's Model Teostra was sculpted by dhalio supervised by sculptor RYU Oyama, and lively captured Teostra's ferocious, sharp tooth expression and open claw leap attack. Teostra's unique fur, tough abdomen hide, and gigantic wing texture are all detailedly sculpted and painted with high-quality paint. Flame made with transparent material covers the body as if commanded by the beast itself.

Capcom Figure Builder Creators Model Teostra
Price: 12,960 Yen
Estimate release date: December 2018.
Specs: Painted PVC figure, Approximately H 310×W 235×D 230mm
Sculptor: dhalio
Supervisor: RYU Oyama