NARUTO Gals Naruto-Shippūden Temari

Publish by Megahouse, NARUTO Gals, a figure line based on the charismatic female character from the series, announced today(6th) the highly anticipated NARUTO Gals Temari, estimate release date January of 2019.

Temari from Sunagakure is the eldest daughter of the Fourth Kazekage. Beautiful yet cruel, she wields a giant iron fan and is proficient in Wind Release. Temari is also a great strategist, able to quickly decide the best combat method, similar to Shikamaru Nara from Konohagakure, whom she later married..

NARUTO Gals Temari stands 21 cm, crafted with excellent designed four consecutive pigtails like Yotsuba Koiwai and smiling with a mix of beauty, sharpness, and kindness. Fabric wrinkles brought soft, thin, and vibrant texture, while chest armor and Forehead Protector wore on the neck uses a matte silver paint job. Cardigan and realistic stocking added sexy element and the signature indispensable fan add proportion and boldness to the piece..

NARUTO Gals NARUTO-Naruto-Shippūden Temari
Price: 14,500 Yen
Painted PVC Figure
Estimate release date January of 2019