Egg Attack Deadpool - Cut Off! The Fourth Wall

Besides the popular action figure series Egg Attack Action(EAA) Deadpool and the Mini Egg Attack(MEA) Deadpool, Taiwanese toy company Beast Kingdom's Egg Attack(EA) series announced today(5th) Deadpool - Cut Off! The Fourth Wall, estimate release date Q4 of 2018.

Beside self-heal ability and talkative nature, Deadpool is aware that he is a fictional comic book character, frequently breaks the fourth wall and talk/make fun of pop-culture directly to the reader. This piece considered Deadpool's unique personality, made with high-level craftsmanship and reinterpret Deadpool in EA series cute scale.

"EA-039 Deadpool - Cut Off! The Fourth Wall" stands 28 cm , with Deadpool jumping out of the comic page. Blue sword line, backdraft, cartoonish missiles/grenade, and comic book word made it all more stylish. The back even has an ink bottle and pen propping up comic pages. Comic's O is even replaced with Deadpool's logo, something Deadpool would definitely do.

▼Rich dimensional composition and gradient paint job made it more lively.

Egg Attack EA-039 Deadpool - Cut Off! The Fourth Wall
Price: 5999 NT, 5400 if pre-ordered
Height: 11" or 28cm
Estimate release date: Q4 of 2018