MODEROID Rk-92 Savage (Gray/Sand)

Buildable Model series MODEROID publish by Japanese GOOD SMILE COMPANY, after releasing Rk-92 Savage recently announce Rk-92 Savage (Gray/Sand), estimate release date December of 2018.

In Full Metal Panic!, Rk-92 Savage is the 2nd Gen Arm Slave(Armored Mobile Master-Slave System) developed by the pre90s Soviet (Post Gulf War). 8 meters tall with frog-like head and round body, while no better than the other Gen AS performance wise, it's ease of control and toughness made it convenient. Used by Chinese, North Korean, and Terrorist, it appears in many conflicts throughout the world, a widespread mass production model.

Same as the previous version there aren't many pieces but the joints have okay flexibility, pieces are easy to assemble, and the price is cheap. Gray ver. contains 37mm assault rifle, two large-scale warhammers, and the Sand ver. contains 37mm assault rifle, single molecule cutter, anti-tank dagger and anti-tank missile.

MODEROID Rk-92 Savage (Gray/Sand)
Price: 2,130 Yen+Tax
Estimate release date: December of 2018
Specs: PS assemblable plastic model kit. 1/60th scale. Approximate height of 130mm.