ORCA TOYS Devil Lady – The Extreme Devil Makes Her Debut!

PVC model specialist Orca Toys has brought to you The Extreme Devil from manga artist Go Nagai’s popular Devil Lady series, designed by sculptor Densetsu Mano for a custom grittier style than in the manga. Fans of the Devilman and Devil Lady series will want to check this one out!

First featured in Weekly Shonen Magazine, Devilman is the classic manga from Go Nagai, telling the story of protagonist Akira Fudo who acquires the power of the demon Amon and becomes Devilman, using his newfound powers to battle the demon hordes trying to dominate the Earth. The graphic violence and dark themes of the series had then been unseen in manga, and Devilman became a pioneer for more mature manga series. Nagai later published a companion series titled Devil Lady, reimagining Devilman from a female perspective, with both series spinning off into anime television and feature film adaptations.

Devil Lady - The Extreme Devil
SRP: 23220 Yen
Height: 45 cm/17.7” (With display base)
Release Date: December 2018