Iron Studios Aquaman 1/10 Battle Diorama Series Statue

After releasing Avengers: Infinity War Battle Diorama Series, famous Brazilian statue company Iron Studios announce today(4th) Aquaman and Black Manta from December' Aquaman. Both set to release Q2 of 2019.

Aquaman takes place after Justice League, with Mera asking Arthur to stop his stepbrother and the current king of Atlantic, Orm, from declaring war on the humans. In the trailer, Sea World and the battle scenes look spectacular, the movie will have flashbacks to let the audience understand more about the hero who could talk to fish. Costume palette is the same as the comic with orange and green.

Aquaman 1/10 Battle Diorama Series Statue stands 11.8" or 30 cm, with Aruthur riding on the wave with his hand aiming the target and ready to throw his Trident! Jason Momoa murky beard and flying hairs are detailly sculpted and scale armor with metal painted and colorful diagram pattern thigh. A dynamic base with realistic gradient color wave is very elegant.

▼Hands, knee, and back plate's sharpness made the whole more imposing.

Aquaman BDS Art Scale 1/10 - Aquaman
Price: 109 USD
Scale: 1/10
Height: 11.8" or 30 cm
Release date: Q2 of 2019