Virtual Youtuber Mirai Akari Nendoroid

From Good Smile Company, publisher of the popular Nendoroid series with over 800 characters, after releasing Kizuna AI, Kaguya Luna, Computer Girl Youtuber Siro, announced yesterday(30th) Nendoroid Mirai Akari, estimate release 2019/04.

Mirai Akari was created by Japanese Youtuber Eilene (エイレーン)(@BitYoutube). Eilene's channel was absorbed into the Mirai Akari Project channel once it started in 2017/10. She's designed by illustrator KEI the same person behind Hatsune Miku. Currently, it has 660K subscribers and 55M views.

ECHO/ Miriakari

Mirai Akari's video script is written by Youtuber Eilene and mostly consist of game streaming and gossip. Mirai Akari has a cheerful/out-going personality, good at socializing, singing, gaming, and loves eating hamburgers. Her expression is both childish and excited sometimes, but her most attractive qualities are the unfiltered and unashamed dirty jokes. Just an interesting fact, her high-resolution model is bouncy and never clips.

Nendoroid Mirai Akari recreated her cute and sexy blue-black dress. The butterfly hair tie is gradient blue and the ponytail has a moveable joint. Faceplates include winking, exciting, and seductive expression. Exchangeable arms allow her to re-enact the "Hello! I'm Mirai Akari!" pose, eye stickers allowing you to change her expression, and glasses that transform her into Akari-sensei form!

Nendoroid Mirai Akari
Price: 4,444 Yen+Tax
Release date: 2019/04
Specs: ABS&PVC Painted Action Figure, No Scale, Stand included, H 4"(100mm)
Sculptor: POLY-TOYS