Beast Kingdom Mini Egg Attack Disney Villains

In many Disney story, besides the Princess and Prince, the evil Villian are also popular, if you have a taste for bad guys the Taiwanese toy brand Beast Kingdom's Mini Egg Attack Disney Villains is right up your alley! Estimate release Q4 of 2018.

This Mini Egg Attack-007 is villain dream set, includes 101 Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, and Lion King. Made in Mini Egg Attack series's unique scale, the evil essence is packed in these cute figures!

Her exaggerated body is enhanced, with zygomatic bone stealing the scene. The fur coat looks fluffy too!

◆Evil Queen◆
The left hand fisted, right hand holding a red apple, she likes ready to "shovel" some snow! Shiny crown, robe, and cape are all exquisitely design.

Scar raising his right foot displaying his evil, shady essence.

Maleficent wields a wand with her pet crow on top. Her black robe is detail sculpted, and the crow is cuter now that it's fat.

◆Maleficent (Dragon)◆
Oh oh oh, I'm getting this one! The green flame itself looks amazing, but it even includes the two tower from the scene!

the last one is the popular Ursula, if I were to choose between her and Arial, I'll choose Ursula. The piece recreated her THICC body and tentacle legs and exaggerated chin. She wields the Trident with one leg hooking it, soo vivid!

BeastKingdom Mini Egg Attack Disney Villains MEA-007
Price: Maleficent (Dragon) is 599NT, the others are 499NT
Pre-order: Maleficent (Dragon) is 539NT, the others are 449NT
Height: 2.8"~3.5" or 7cm~9cm
Pre-order stops at 2018/09/16
Estimate release date: Q4 of 2018.