Iron Studios Pennywise Art Scale 1:10 Statue

After releasing Avengers: Infinity War Battle Diorama Series, famous Brazilian statue company Iron Studios is joining the horror genre. Pennywise from It (2017) comes with normal and deluxe edition, estimate release Q2 of 2019.

It (2017) is an adaptation of Steven King's 1986 novel of the same name. Set in Derry town, the story follows members of loser club getting followed by It. It is a shape-shifting creature that takes shape of children's most fearful thing as it loves meat with fearful scent. Each character much face its darkest fears to overcome it. The story begins with a little boy name Georgie get pulled down into a drain hole...

Pennywise Art Scale 1:10 Statue stands 9.8" or 25 cm(base included), realistically actualize that creepy, unhinge smile from the movie. The Clown's signature red nose and lips, dark blue eyes, are all faithfully recreated. Deluxe edition includes a normal and bloody head sculpt and accessories include red balloon and a right hand holding Trump's hand. The base has a wood stair and handrail just like in the movie. This is another choice besides the NECA 7" Figure.

▼The shade of blood is so disgusting

▼Normal Edition

Pennywise Deluxe Art Scale 1/10 - IT
Price: 79.99 and 99.99 for the Deluxe
Scale: 1/10
Height: 8.4" (21.5cm) and 9.8" (25cm) for the Deluxe
Estimate release date: Q2 of 2019.
Deluxe Edition only available on Official Site.