BigBoysToys Street Fighter Bulkyz Collection Action Figure M.Bison

After releasing Ryu, Ken, and the four Ninja Turtles, Hong Kongese toy brand BigBoysToys's "Bulkyz Collection" series recently announce villain M.Bison, estimate release Q4 of 2018.

M.Bison is a classic villain from Street Fighter. The leader of the mysterious criminal organization Shadaloo, he recruits Skillful martial artist, Hypnotizes them, and send them to assassinate global figures as part of his plan of world domination. M.Bison has Psycho Power, a supernatural ability that turns anger and hates into attack power. Additionally, hypnotization is also part of his skill set; he can even transfer his conscious into another body.

Bulkyz Collection M.Bison Stand 30 cm, using this series's unique scale and style to interpret the villain. Compare to Ryu and Ken, M.Bison cloth is more complicated, and brim part of the hat and leather boots are black shining. His big chest and chin shadow feels more domineering. The accessory includes semi-transparent purple hand to recreate Bison's Psycho Power.

BigBoysToys Street Fighter Bulkyz Collection Action Figure M.Bison
Price: NA
Height: 11.5" (30cm)
Estimate release date: Q4 of 2018.