Hot Toys John Wick: Chapter 2 - 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure

Last week we introduce Mafex version of John Wick (Chapter 2), today(27th) we're bringing Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Action Figure version, estimate release Q3~Q4 of 2019.

John Wick was an elite hitman also known as the "The Boogeyman". After meeting Helen, he decides to retire and live a normal life; It didn't last. Helen died of a terminal illness, and when some kid stole his Ford Mustang and killed his dog, John Wick went on a revenge rampage. Compare to the first film, Chapter 2 includes more headshots, assassins, and dogs.XD

This piece stands 12.2" (31cm) with 30 joints. Head sculpt is base on the wounded look from the movie, detaily sculpted Keanu Reeve's face contour and essence, with realistic bruise too. Accessories include Assult rifle with sling, two shotguns, suppressed pistol, clip, an exquisite box with the pistol inside, blood oath marker, coins, short knife, and everyone's favorite pencil. Multiple exchangeable hands for different poses. Noteworthy is the suit is weave with glossy material just like in the movie.

Hot Toys – MMS504 - John Wick: Chapter 2- 1/6th scale John Wick® Collectible Figure

Price: NA
Scale: 1/6
Height: 12.2" (31cm)
Estimate release date: Q3~Q4 of 2019

Displayed at 2018 Hot Toys Annual Exhibit in Taiwan.