After releasing AMC025 Molly(Harley Quinn Disguise), Hot Toys is working again with popular designer brand Kennyswork's "Artist Mix Collection" series, announcing AMC027 Molly (Harley Quinn Disguise) Masquerade Version and AMC029 Molly (Wonder Woman Disguise). AMC029 Molly (Wonder Woman Disguise) estimate release Q1~Q2 of 2019.

Molly is Kennyswork studio(founded by Kenny Wong)'s first product and is now a representative/popular character. Molly has big fired-eyed and pout expression; Her innocent impression express naive and amorous. Readers who are familiar with designer toys might know her. Now Harley and Diana Prince from DC comics are redesigned in Molly's unique style, soo dreamy!

AMC029 Molly (Wonder Woman Disguise) stands 11.4" (29cm), with arms akimbo, full with confidence and ready to save the world(so kawaii!). Her costume is based on Diana's early appearance, with red star crown, chest emblem, and shorts with printed stars all designed in Molly's Chibi style. Wonder Woman's bracelets is also recreated and the square base has her logo mounted on all sides, looks good when displaying!

Hot Toys – AMC029 - Molly (Wonder Woman Disguise) Artist Mix Figure Designed by Kenny Wong
Retail price: NA
Height: 11.4" (29cm)
Estimate Release Date: Q1~Q2 of 2019