Other than John Wick (Chapter 2), Mafex also announced on the 23rd Deadpool (GURIHIRU ART Ver.) and Evil Gwenpool from Marvel Comics. Evil Gwenpool estimate release 2019/06.

Evil Gwenpool first appeared in Unbelievable Gwenpool #20 and is a Gwenpool who did bad things in the future. Unlike Gwenpool she has a different color palette and wore pants and a cape. Trivia: Gwenpool was created due to Gwen Stacy popularity from the Spider-Man Comic. A merger with Deadpool she's a young mercenary in a pink uniform. Her popularity made she an official character and getting her own comic series.

MAFEX Evil Gwenpool stands 6.3 in (16cm), and faithfully actualize Evil Gwenpool from the comic. Suit's silver accesory, belt, and pockets are all recreated. Her cape is lined with wire for dynamic posing. Head sculpt includes smile and laughing expression. Accessory includes a pinchable tiny Gwenpool, comicbooks, and stands to recreate pages from the comic. It also includes long hair Gwenpool head sculpt for MAFEX No.071 Gwenpool.:)

Retail Price: 7,800 Yen
Height: 6.3 in (16cm)
Estimate release: 2019/06
The Unbelievable Gwenpool #20 cover

▼Accesories are based on the comic, very cool.