Final Form?! Gigantic Series Son Goku (Ultra Instinct ver.) from Dragon Ball Super

From Japan’s X-PLUS company, following popular Dragon Ball figures like SSGSS Vegeto, Super Saiyan Vegeta Big Bang Attack ver., SSGSS Goku and Super Saiyan Son Goku Damage ver., has released the new Sun Goku Ultra Instinct figure in its Gigantic Series, available October 2018 only on the Premium Bandai Online Store.

Making its debut in Dragon Ball Super, Goku’s new Ultra Instinct transformation is difficult for even Shin and Beerus to attain. In his first match against Jiren, Goku became entangled in his own Spirit Bomb, his own energy mixing with the Spirit Bomb, leading him to unlock a new Ultra Instinct Sign state, before finally completing the transformation during his rematch with Jiren. In this Ultra Instinct transformation, Goku’s hair and pupils become silver, his body and consciousness splitting apart, thus allowing him to subconsciouly dodge any attack. However, Goku cannot enter into Ultra Instinct on his own will, and usage of this transformation exacts a huge toll on the body.

Gigantic Series Sun Goku Ultra Instinct uses all of its 44 cm (17.3”) height to portray his new transformation with signature silver hair and pupils. His solid musculature and minute battle scar details are recreated with fine gradient painting techniques, which coupled with his torn clothes make for an extremely imposing figure!

Gigantic Series Sun Goku Ultra Instinct

SRP: 11880 Yen
PVC painted model
Height: 44 cm/17.3"
Release Date: August 2018