Ghostbusters Ghost Trap 1:1 by Hollywood Collectibles Group

From Hollywood Collectibles Group, who specializes in movie props, comes 1:1 Ghost Trap from Ghostbusters with normal and Exclusive Edition! Estimate release Q1 of 2019!!

▼Classic Ghostbusters theme!

Ghostbusters is a comedy film released in 1984. Dr. Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, and Egon decides to become entrepreneurs and formed the Ghostbusters, a ghost catching service. Thou business wasn't good initially, it boomed after catching slimer at a hotel. Winston Zeddemore later joined the trio, forming the group we know today.

This is an iconic prop from the movie: Ray places the trap below slimer and Egor and Peter then trap slimer with the steam and pull him towards the ground, Ray then step on the switch closing the trap. This prop includes every scratch and erosion as seen in the film. No need to the call the Ghostbusters with this around! What? why isn't there a built-in LED you say? Why.. .cause you need to catch some ghost first!!(get punched)

I think it's really disappointing that the prop doesn't have a light-up feature.

It also includes a 24in (60.9cm) themed board for displaying. The Exclusive Edition has a number plate and it's the same price as the normal version!

▼Slimer scene!

Ghost Trap Prop Replica
Retail price: 499.95 USD
Scale: 1:1
Limited: Normal Version 500 pieces, Exclusive Edition 150 pieces.
Release date: Q1 of 2019

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