The Predator - Fugitive Predator 1:1 Bust by Prime 1 Studio

With "The Predator" is coming to the big screen in September, Japan's high-end statue brand Prime 1 Studio recently announced Fugitive Predator 1:1 Bust from the film along with the Deluxe Version. Estimate release Q4 of 2019!!

In "The Predator Teaser Trailer" we see a boy turning on a homing beacon causing the Predator ship to land on Earth and an armed search team got slaughtered. In "The Predator Official Trailer" we see a stronger, meaner Predator with red marked slamming Fugitive Predator on to a car. So it seems other than the usual human hunting there's a going to have Predator infighting? I'm so hyped!

Stands 30.2in (76.7cm) Fugitive Predator is made with high level of craftsmanship to recreate the look from the movie. Head texture, mandibles, and spike hairs are all there. The roughness and layered paint made it more lively! The armor is also realistically weatherd and the mask is paint with heavy gold with complex groov line and details. Shoulder Cannon has LED Light-up feature; One inereesting note, other than the Wolf Predator who has two shoulder cannon, Fugitive Predator is the first to have shoulder cannon on the right side!

Deluxe Version includes an exchangeable scratched mask, with red LED scanner on the right for any unfortunate prey who enters his sight.

Life size Bust The Predator Fugitive Predator LSTPR-01
Retail Price: 175,000 Yen, Deluxe Version 208,900 Yen
Scale: 1:1
Height: 30.2in (76.7cm)
Limited: 500
Estimate Release: Q4 of 2019

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