Masters of the Universe Rug - Grayskull Dungeon by Super7

After releasing "Masters of the Universe Vintage EPIC BATTLE 2 PACK" and "Prince Adam SDCC2018 Exclusive", Super7 is at it again with "Grayskull Dungeon Rug" available now for pre-order on Super7 Official Site!!

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was a popular animated series from the 80s. The story follows the playful looking prince, Adam, and his gang stopping Skeletor and his minions' evil plan over and over. The Pageboy haircut/ pink top Adam can transform into He-Man by raising his sword and shouting "By The Power of Grayskull!!!". Even though they look exactly the same and every time He-Man appears Adam disappears, no one but his close friend knows his secret.

▼Fan favorite transformation scene!!

Though Castle Grayskull has a skull shape gate, it actually belongs to the royal family and is where Skeletor evades every time. The rug is base on the decal from the Castle Grayskull playset. Made with high-quality hand-tufted 100% acrylic, if you go home and see this rug every day, it would feel like returning to Castle Grayskull:D

▼This the decal that the Rug is based on.

Masters of the Universe Rug - Grayskull Dungeon
Retail Price: 195 USD
Dimensions: 45"(114cm) x 60"(152cm)
Available Now for Pre-order on Super7 Official Site, ends 2018/08/31(Fri).