Prime of the Century! M3 Studio x Concept Zones Transformers: The Last Knight Optimus Prime Statue

From M3 Studio and Concept Zones, the 130 cm tall Optimus Prime from the 2017 film Transformers: The Last Knight has finally been unveiled! There are only 188 copies available worldwide and will release Q3~Q4 2019.

Japan’s Prime 1 Studio had in the past released a 89 cm tall Optimus Prime, and now Hong Kong’s M3 Studio and Concept Zones have upped the ante. With what might be the pinnacle of Transformers statues, this Optimus Prime captures practically every nook and cranny down to the polished blue armor and orange flame detail. The silver parts have been colored for an authentic metallic finish, with the exhausts in the back mimicking the gradient patterns of actual vehicles. This statue is a sight to behold from every angle!

Optimus Prime’s sword measures 75 cm long and is adorned with Cybertronian hieroglyphics and patterns. It can be strapped to Prime’s back or held in one of his interchangeable hands. You can pair the sword with Prime's wrist dagger for more dynamic action poses. In addition, both eyes are intricately detailed and can light up. Optimus stands majestically atop the display base proudly bearing the Autobot insignia. Of course, a legendary piece such as this must also come with a legendary price tag... Collectors, roll out!

ETHF10 Transformers: The Last Knight 130 CM Optimus Prime Statue

SRP: $4845 (Limited 188 copies)
Product Height: 130 cm/51.2"
Expected Release: Q3~Q4 2019