BEAST KINGDOM D-Select-015 Iron Spider Man Statue

Today we bring to you Marvel Comics’ Iron Spider-Man statue from Taiwanese toy brand Beast Kingdom’s D-Select series, which is expected to ship 2018 Q3.

This time around Beast Kingdom has recreated Iron Spider-Man, based off the character’s wardrobe upgrade in the Civil War event comic. Compared to his “Infinity War” film counterpart, this Iron Spider-Man has a much brighter color palette, sporting an eye-catching Iron-Man inspired red and gold design, with a beautiful gold spider emblem adorning the torso and a trio of mechanical arms attached to his back.

The D-Select Iron Spider Man measures 16 cm tall, with the crouching web-slinger perched above ground supported his mechanical arms, muscle definition emanating through his new mechanized armor. The gold armor plating has been colored with a custom paint to capture its metallic texture, with meticulous detail further lining the mechanical arms. The rock diorama base is quite exquisite as well, topped off with a webbed-up Captain America shield and proudly displaying the MARVEL logo, enhancing its collectible value.

Beast Kingdom D-Select-015 Iron Spider-Man
Suggested Retail Price: NTD 899
Product Dimensions: 16 cm tall/6.3”
Expected to ship Q3 2018