Movic EVA Unit-01 Shoulder Cushion

Movic, a Japanese company that specializes in anime merchandise, announced two cushions from the Neon Genesis Evangelion; EVA Unit-01 Shoulder Cushion and Emergency Cushion, estimate release 2018/09/01.

This odd shape cushion is shape from EVA Unit-01 shoulder and the groove allows you to put it on your shoulder so you can transform into EVA! You can even go Berserk if someone woke you up!

On the other hand, the Emergency Cushion is based on the iconic hexagon shape emergency signal from the series. Soft and bouncy, it fits in your living room, bed room, or when you need to lean on something in an emergency.

EVA Unit-01 Shoulder Cushion
Retail price: 4,800 Yen (Tax included)
Emergency Cushion
Retail price: 4,500 Yen (Tax included)
Estimate release: 2018/09/01