RWBY Yang Xiao Long Figure by Di molto bene

Japan figure maker Di molto bene who previously made Ruby Rose from the popular anime-style web series RWBY, is now making Ruby's half-sister "Yang Xiao Long". The official site recently released promo image and release information.

In the series, Yang Xiao Long is protagonist Ruby Rose paternal elder half-sister. Her primary form of combat is Boxing and MMA and her special weapon Ember Celica is a gauntlet that fires dual range explosive shots, adding power to her punches and increase her movement speed.

RWBY CGI anime-style web series made byRooster Teeth. Set in the supernatural universe, Grimms are slowing approaching and threatens human existence. 15-year-old Ruby Rose who wants to become a hunter and fight Grimms enrolled in Beacon Academy. It's an adventure fiction story.

RWBY Yang Xiao Long
Retail price: 14,800 (Tax included)
Height: 9 Inch (230mm)
Estimate release: 2018/11