BRING ARTS "Dragon Quest XI" Veronica & Serena Pre-Painted Prototype

"Dragon Quest XI" Producer Ryota Aomi released on his personal twitter, BRING ARTS (owned by Square Enix) Veronica & Serena 6 Inch Action Figure Pre-Painted Prototype photos on Aug 16 and will be displayed at Tokyo Game Show next month.

Veronica & Serena sisters are born under The Great Tree of Life of Lotozetasia. Veronica is skilled in powerful attack magic and Serena is proficient in recovery magic. Known as the "Wise Sisters" and the reincarnation of the previous Wiseman Serena, both tasked to lead the Hero on his quest to save the world. Though they're polar opposite personality-wise, they're both kind-hearted and very close together.

Veronica & Serena accessories include a tall wand and two faceplates for Veronica, and a wand, lyre, and short/long hair for Serena. It also includes a Heal Slime.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age BRING ARTS Veronica & Serena
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