(Updated) Horo Spice and Wolf 10th Anniversary Ver. 1/8 Scale Figure. by Revolve

Revolve announced Horo Spice and Wolf 10th Anniversary Ver.1/8 Scale Figure and Dengeki Bunko 25th Anniversary Edition open for pre-order.

Self-proclaimed "Holo The Wise Wolf" has existed since ancient time. A deity in charge of harvest. She resides in wheat grain and ensures crop growth. Holo has chosen the form of a 15-year old girl, though still retaining her wolf ear and tail. She loves apples and pranking Lawrence.

Horo Spice and Wolf 10th Anniversary Ver.1/8 Scale Figure. is based on Ayakura Jyuu's drawing. Holo is happy drunk with her lively ears and tails delicately sculpted and her cloth's tone matches that of the illustration. Through complex folds to display laxity. Horo really is celebrating with the fans!

Dengeki Bunko 25th Anniversary Edition, besides the statue, also includes B2 size Horo Scroll and Horo's wheat bag.

Horo Spice and Wolf 10th Anniversary Ver.
Retail price: NA
Estimate release: 2018
Scale: 1/8
Prototype: のぶた(リボルブ)
Painter: 星名詠美

Spice and Wolf is a light novel written by Hasekura Isuna and illustrated by Ayakura Jyuu. The story dealt with the economy and business and is loosely set in the middle ages. Lawrence uses his experience, wit, and luck to solve problems and turn risk into wealth. It also includes fantasy and love element to hold readers through some of the more complicated topics, and is very well received.

The story describes Lawrence meeting the self-proclaimed "Holo The Wise Wolf" on the journey. Not being regarded because of the lack of Agriculture development, Horo wishes to return to her home Yoitsu. Though he doubts her story, Lawrence still decides to help anyway and those begin their journey.