Stuffed Toy Super Big Size Snorlax Pokémon Center Exclusive

After releasing Super Size Ditto and Lapras Stuffed Toys, comes Super Big Size Snorlax Pokémon! Exclusively on Pokémon Center Online, estimate release 2018/12.

Snorlax is a Sleeping Pokémon. It has black fur and a huge belly, and an eye that never seems to open. Naturally calm, Snorlax spends most of the time eating and sleeping. Kids use his belly as a playground, and sometime it would lay in the middle of the road blocking traffic, which you would use Poké Flute to wake it up. Snorlax has a strong stomach able to digest almost everything, even Muk poison is just condiment to him.

The Super Big Size Snorlax is one meter in length, with Snorlax laying on its back. Made of soft woven fabric, this bad boy can fit so much people on it. Though not bigger than the Bandai version not everone has the space for it. Pokémon Center version might be the perfect size for you!

▼ Bandai version

Stuffed Toy Super Big Size Snorlax
Retail price: 32,400 Yen
Demensions: H 87cm, W 90cm, Weight: 5,554g
Estimate release: 2018/12.