The Hero Returns! Figure-rise Standard Naruto Uzumaki (うずまきナルト) from Naruto Shippuden

Having released several popular Dragon Ball characters in the past, the Hobby division from Bandai Spirits is switching things up this time, announcing the first Figure-rise Standard figure from the Naruto franchise: Naruto Uzumaki, expected to release September 2018.

The Figure-rise Standard series is the culmination of years of model design experience and technology from Bandai, faithfully recreating a character’s look and moveset with a 10~20 cm tall figure.

The soon to be released Figure-rise Standard Naruto Uzumaki captures the character as his older teenage self in Naruto Shippuden, with the obligatory design and articulation as well as two facial expressions. Accessories include Rasengan and Rasenshuriken effect pieces. The foot chakra effect piece even includes a Magnetic Action feature, allowing the figure to stand on walls in true Shinobi fashion! Looking forward to some big spenders and their Shadow Clone armies…

Figure-rise Standard Naruto Uzumaki

SRP: 3240 Yen
Buildable Figure
Release Date: September 2018

▼ Look out for Figure-rise Standard Sasuke Uchiha on the horizon!