Wander Arts “Front Mission 1st” Frost Hell's Wall/ Desert camo Ver.

Published by Square Enix, WANDER ARTS makes "WAP(Wander Panzer)" from the Front Mission series. After releasing Zenith Desert/ Urban camo Ver., Square recently announced Frost Hell's Wall/ Desert camo Ver., estimate release 2018/12.

WAP Frost is a model made by Diable Avionics Company from the game. 6.1m tall, weight 27t, Frost is the main force of the U.S.N. in the 2nd Huffman Conflict. Compare to the high mobility Zenith, Frost also has high versatility but has excellent endurance with focus on armor and defense capability. Mobile Elite unite Squadron 64 (AKA: Hell's Wall) piloted Frost Wanzer to its fullest and was a memorable enemy from the game.

WANDER ARTS Frost stands 124mm, based on Blizzaia L from 4th. Head sculpt includes 1st and 4th has Hell's gate and Desert camo paint. Weapons include 4MG(FV24) machine gun, SG(Catsray), 2x RD(F4 HAND ROD) and 2x MS(EGRET) rocket launcher, has the same customization as the game. Wander Arts series body, arm, lower body, backpack, and weapons are all exchangeable!

Wander Arts “Front Mission 1st” Frost Hell's Wall/ Desert camo Ver.
Indicative price: 9,504 Yen
Dimensions: W105mm×D62mm×H124mm
Estimate release: 2018/12