BIOHAZARD RE:2 × Qwerkywriter S Typewriter - Inspired Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Capcom announced BIOHAZARD RE:2 is collaborating with U.S. keyboard manufacturer Qwerkytoys to release “BIOHAZARD RE:2 × Qwerkywriter S Typewriter - Inspired Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard”. Estimate release 2019/01/25 along with the game.

At the start of RE:2, rookie Leon's luck is as low as his salary. T virus exploded when he went to Raccoon City and Claire, his sister, is also dragged into that mess. Zombie Dog, Licker, Alligator you name it! In a time like this, a typewriter is what you need (in order to save)!

The Bluetooth Keyboard is supervised by the RE:2 development team, that mimics old typewriter round key and return level with 84 keys on a full metal base, print with manufacturer LEXINGTON and donator Umbrella Corp Logo from the game.

Same as the Qwerkywriter S Typewriter, it uses German Cherry MX blue switch and supports USB & Bluetooth connection. Return level is a custom key and the platen knob controls volume. It's both a practical and stylish product!

BIOHAZARD RE:2 × Qwerkywriter S Lexington Vintage Typewriter Bluetooth Keyboard
List price: 81,000 Yen (Include tax)
Estimate release: 2019/01/25