Weapons x High School Girls x figma Long-Range JoshiKosei

Max Factory makers of Weapons x High School Girls x figma series, announced yesterday (09) the third of the series “figma Long-Range JoshiKosei” from ARMS NOTE. Estimate release 2019/02.

Illustrated by Fukai Ryousuke, ARMS NOTE is a fictional world where everyone, like high school girl JK, wore high tech gadget and carry a gun like they would carry a phone.

Long-Range JoshiKosei is friends with Bionic JoshiKosei. She rarely expresses herself though she has a pretty smile. She's known to wear an AR Head Mounted Display and signature black stocking and carries a Herzog HGS-11 Bullpup Bolt-action Sniper Rifle. Tactical Support Robot Emgy has followed her ever since she got it as an elementary graduation gifts.

Figma Long-Range JoshiKosei wears her memorable winter uniform, diagram pattern tights, and gingham scarf. Shoulder drawer joints allow her to natural hold her rifle, combining alternate skirt and a second magazine to display her kneeling and reloading!

Three faceplates are included: an emotionless face, a sidelong glance, and a satisfied smile. Optional parts include her sniper rifle, handgun, smartphone, bag, support robot Emgy and alternate hair parts to wear her HMD equipment (source: goodsmile.info).

▼ If you like to learn more about the world of ARMS NOTE or like to see Long-Range JoshiKosei's concept art, prototype photo, etc., you can purchase Fukai Ryousuke ARMS NOTE 4th at COMIKET 94. The book has a fully colored segment talking about this piece.

figma Long-Range JoshiKosei
List price: 8,148 Yen (Before tax)
Estimate release: 2019/02
Specifications: Painted ABS/PVC non-scale articulated figure with stand included. Approximately 135mm in height.
Cooperation: Masaki Apsy