Kotobukiya M.S.G Series “Convert Body”

Kotobukiya, makers of the M.S.G Series, recently announced the new product Convert Body, estimate release 2018/12.

Convert Body is a highly versatile body package. The whole body looks to be made of intricate industrial pieces, through formalized standard 3mm holes it can be taken apart or combine with other Kotobukiya series such as Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, and Hexa Gear.

▼Wrist, body, and legs are all expendable. Mode A is 5.5 Inches (140mm) and Mode B is 7.3 Inches (185mm).

▼Use your imagination and combine pieces to form different configurations. Humanoid, beast, bird, and vehicle are all possible!

M.S.G Convert Body
List price: 2,800 Yen (Including tax)
Estimate release: 2018/12
Designer: Hiroyuki Maruya