NARUTO Gals Naruto Shippūden Sakura Haruno Ver. Splash

From Mega House, makers of NARUTO Gals series including Hinata Hyuga, Hinata Hyuga Ver.2, Tsunade and Sakura Haruno, comes Sakura Haruno Ver. Splash preview image!

Sakura Haruno has pink bright hair and azure green eyes. Specializes in medical ninjutsu, along with Naruto and Sasuke they became the new Sannin during The Fourth Shinobi World War. In the end, she married Sasuke Uchiha, changed her name to Sakura Uchiha and had a daughter named Sarada Uchiha. Pre-order starts on 2018/08/10 on PREMIUM BANDAI ONLINE SHOP, MEGATRESHOP, ANIMATE, JUMP SHOP and ANIPLEX+.

Naruto: Shippūden is the anime adaptation of Part II of the manga, set two-and-a-half years after Sasuke Uchiha's defection and Naruto Uzumaki finishing his training with Jiraiya and returning to Konohagakure. The series was shown in Japan on TV-Tokyo and can be legally accessed through sites such as Hulu (for United States users only) and Crunchyroll (for those living outside the US).

NARUTO Gals Naruto Shippūden Sakura Haruno Ver.Splash
List price: 11,340 (Including tax)
Height: 20 cm
Estimate release: 2018/11

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