Hikari Kohinata: Swimsuit style

Aquamarine annouced Hikari Kohinata 1/8 Scale figurine from Kozue Amano's popural manga Amanchu! Advance. Estimate release 2019/01.

Hikari Kohinata is an optimistic and hyperactive girl. Nicknamed “Pikari”, she especially likes star-shaped object. A good talker that gives people warm feelings, she doesn't care what others see and always speak from her heart. Hikari loves SCUBA diving. Her grandparents are also experienced divers, she spends her spare time as an amateur SCUBA guide at Amanchu-ya beach cafe.

Kohinata 1/8 Scale figurine wears a cute bikini and jean shorts, with dynamic hairs and swimsuit strap. Her wheat color skin covers her fit curve along her smooth abs and axilla. Both cats advisor Cha and Ohime circles around her. She's even wearing her star marked whistle, always on alert for someone.

Hikari Kohinata Scale Figure
List price: 12,800 Yen (Including tax)
Estimate release: 2019/01
Specifications: Painted 1/8th scale ABS & PVC product with stand included. Approximately 210mm in height
Sculptor: OZ/Rui
Paintwork: Ekoshi

Amanchu! Advance is a slice of life manga illustrated by Kozue Amano, with a similar water setting as her previous work ARIA. Ōki Futaba is a shy and timid girl from Tokyo. After meeting the SCUBA loving and optimistic Hikari Kohinata, they both join the Diving club. Together with twins Ai Ninomiya and Makoto Ninomiya and advisor Mato Katori, they learned to love the sea.