Hexa Gear 1/24 Kit Block Governor Prototype Vol.1

Newly developed by Kotobukiya with a high degree on freedom, buildable model series, Hexa Gear announced Governor Prototype Vol.1. Estimate release December 2018.


In the world of Hexa Gear, soldiers are named Governor and they pilot and maintain Hexa Gear. Since the mining renewable energy Hexa gram and the subsequent development of crystal furnace, mankind developed new technologies as well as their desire to expand. They wage war and fought each other causing soil erosion. Unlike the modern, high-level anti-pollution Governor armor, early Governor wore light armor when contamination was minimal. This is their earliest form.

Governor Prototype Vol.1 wore modern looking desert camo uniform, boots, and helmet. Has 5 exchangeable head and loadout comprise of ALICE backpack, goggles, ammo pouch, rifle, etc; ALICE backpack itself is made of multiple pieces.

Hexa Gear 1/24 Kit Block Governor Prototype Vol.1
List price: 2,600 Yen (Including tax)
Estimate release: December 2018
Scale: 1/24
Height: 76mm
Pieces: 51~200
Material: ABS・POM・PVC