Rogue Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles

After releasing Wolverine, Magneto, Mystique and White Queen, Sideshow announced another entry to the X-Men series, Rogue 1/4 Statue, estimate release May~July 2019.

Rogue power awoke when she kissed her first boyfriend Cody. She can obtain and read other's memory by touching them. Her early appearances in comic and cartoon, since Rogue spends a lot of time with Ms. Marvel, she has super strength and the ability to fly. Exclusive Edition of the Rogue Maquette includes a swap-out portrait featuring Anna Marie's classic hairdo.

Measuring just over 22” tall shows the Rogue wrenches an intricate mechanical arm from the floor, ready to take a swing at any unwelcome X-Mansion guests. The Maquette features a sculpted green and yellow costume, detailed with a variety of fabric-like textures to give added dimension to her iconic uniform. Rogue also wears a custom tailored faux-leather brown jacket featuring a red “X” logo on the shoulder. A Danger Room themed base, with detailed wire and buzzsaw, are all carefully painted.

Sideshow Collectibles Rogue Maquette
List price: 715 USD
Height: 22 Inches (56 cm)
Estimate release: May~July 2019