Our prayers have been heard! Nenodroid Platelet production approved!

After releasing Nendoroid White Blood Cell from the popular anime Cells at Work, GOOD SMILE COMPANY is making the highly requested Platelet! Release date not set.

▼The cutest character from the series Platelet!

▼Anone anone!

In Cells at Work, Platelet is a child-like character dress in kindergarten uniform and responsible for coagulation which I could really use some right now from all the excitement.

Nenodoroid Platelet
Release date: NA
Price: NA

Cells at work is a science/ educational manga series written and illustrated by Akane Shimizu. The human cell is anthropomorphized and the virus is portrayed as monsters attacking the city( AKA the body). Through daily life stories, readers can learn a lot about how cells work and how to prevent common diseases.