MEZCO One:12 Collective Batman Beyond from DC Comics (SDCC 2018 Exclusive)

After treating fans to a tease last year, Mezco has finally revealed full release information for the new DC Comics Batman Beyond figure from One:12 Collective, which will be a SDCC 2018 exclusive and is expected to ship this August/September. The figure can be pre-ordered now on the official site and will also be on sale at Booth #3445 at Comic-Con.

With Bruce Wayne now in retirement due to old age and a heart ailment, Terry McGinnis has taken up the mask as Batman Beyond! Evading thugs from the Jokerz gang, McGinnis escaped into Wayne Manor, meeting Bruce Wayne and discovering his true identity as Batman. Following the murder of McGinnis’ father, Wayne finally agreed to let McGinnis put on the cowl and become the new Batman. Armed with a new hi-tech batsuit with red chest insignia, Batman Beyond fights crime on the front lines of Gotham with Bruce Wayne providing tactical support.

One:12 Collective Batman Beyond is 17 cm tall and possesses 28 total points of articulation. The new black batsuit is made from a composite fabric and adorned with a bat insignia and utility belt. The two interchangeable cowls now mask the entire head and are decorated with circuit-like patterns. In the figure arsenal we find three batarangs, armored spiked gauntlets for melee combat as well as detachable wings and booster jet fx parts because yes, this Batman can fly. A display stand and adjustable posting post is included, allowing for more dynamic poses as Batman Beyond kicks, punches and takes to the skies!

One:12 Collective Batman Beyond Summer Exclusive 2018

Suggested Retail Price: $85
Product Dimensions: 1/12 scale, Height 17 cm/6.7”
Release Date: August~September 2018