Match Makers Dragon Ball Piccolo

After releasing Full Power Freeza and Super Saiyan Son Gokou, Banpresto release a new series MATCH MAKERS with Piccolo and Goku! Estimate release 2018/08.

After Goku focused all his energy and punched a hole through King Piccolo, King Piccolo used his remaining energy to lay an egg from his mouth (this actually happened). On the other hand, Goku went to Shenron in order to revive everyone killed by King Piccolo, thus begins his three years training in Heaven. In issue 23 World Martial Arts Tournament Piccolo disguise himself as Junior and used Evil Containment Wave Reflection on Evil Containment Wave from the God and sealed him away. At last Goku and Piccolo met in the Finals thus an epic fight ensues.

Match Makers Piccolo stands 6 inches (15 cm), show Piccolo leaping into the air about to attack Goku. A dynamic pose with intense expression extended arms and kick legs. Bandaged head and cloth wrinkles are detailly sculpted and use shading to make it more realistic. Piccolo's arms are also well made with Namekian skin and muscle tissue, even the black painted nails are not missed. Don't forget Goku for the complete set!

Height: 6 inches (15 cm)
Estimate release: 2018/08 (claw machine prize)
▼Banpresto EXPO 2018 displayed product