NECA Xenomorph Wall-Mounted Bust

Have you ever been awed by someone’s game room with its display and trophy head? Well, you can have it too with the Xenomorph Wall-Mounted Bust! NECA announced both Xenomorph and Predator Wall-Mounted Bust, estimate release on November 2018.

This piece is based on the Xenomorph (AKA Big Chap) from the original Alien movie. Xenomorph is designed by renown Switzerland surrealist artist/ designer H.R.Giger, best known for airbrush images of humans and machines linked together in a cold 'biomechanical' relationship. The most frightening hunter of the universe is also both human and machine combined. There’re many variations of Xenomorph but H.R.Giger is the classic.

Xenomorph Wall-Mounted Bust in 31 inches (78.7 cm) tall, made of durable foam and rubber material. With its inorganic exoskeleton, translucent cranium and silver teeth done with high level painting job that devotedly recreate H.R.Giger biomechanical style, this is a cool trophy head for your wall and bed side. No need to go to LV-426, taking it home with a click of the button!

Alien – Foam Replica – Xenomorph Wall-Mounted Bust
List price: 399.99 USD
Height: 31 inches (78.7 cm)
Expect release: November 2018