[Wonder Festival Summer 2018] KOTOBUKIYA New model prototype!

The world's largest model expo Wonder Festival 2018[Summer] started on July 29. Kotobukiya released a ton of buildable model including M.S.G, Hexa Gear, Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, Busou Shinki, etc. Character Figure includes Pokemon, Azur Lane, FGO, etc., and Japan’s renowned illustrator Shunya Yamashita (山下しゅんや) collaborated bishoujo series model. Kotobukiya also report future build model for Sunrise’s Brave series!

▼Previous annouced M.S.G Gigantic Arms 07 Lucifer's Wing

▼Highly expandable frame M.S.G Convert BODY(コンバートボディ).

▼M.S.G Series new weapons.

▼Hexa Gear Agnirage

▼Border Break PS4 model

▼Anime Ver. ULTRAMAN buildable model

▼Frame Arms: X-2Z Zero Tiger

▼Frame Arms: Surface to air HAWK missile prototype (Translation not final)

▼Frame Arms Girl - Gourai Kai Ver. 2

▼New Frame Arms Girl Letizia prototype

▼Frame Arms Girl Movie Announced

▼Megami Device×Busou Shinki Edelweiß prototype preorder will begin soon

▼Megami Device×Busou Shinki second wave

▼Megami Device ASRA exclusive paint Ver.

▼Redeco Chaos & Pretty - Magical Girl & Witch darkness Ver.

▼Megami Device Amaterasu & Susanoo concept art

▼The Brave Fighter Series new buildable model

▼Azur Lane Kaga 1/7 scale model prototype

▼Azur Lane Prinz Eugen Hyakka Ryōran Ver.

▼Azur Lane Illustrious never-ending tea party Ver. production approved

▼Azur Lane Cu-Poche Akashi prototype

▼Azur Lane Cu-Poche Unicorn prototype

▼Fate Grand Order Cu-Poche Báthory Erzsébet production approved

▼Fate/EXTRA Cu-Poche Saber/Nero prototype

▼Cu-Poche new original series

▼Fate/Apocrypha Ruler/Jeanne d'Arc prototype

▼ARTFX J Pokemon Lyra with Chikorita prototype

▼ARTFX J Pokemon Ethan with Cyndaquil prototype

▼Pokemon Center 20th anniversary Red & Pikachu prototype

▼T2 Art Works Sister Blood Tony scale model production approved

▼DC Bishoujo Statues Catwoman expect release summer 2019

▼Marvel Bishoujo Statues Domino expect release summer 2019

▼New Houshin Engi Daji scale model prototype

▼ARTFX My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya prototype

▼Girls und Panzer das Finale Nishizumi Maho 1/7 scale model prototype

▼Girls und Panzer das Finale Erika Itsumi 1/7 scale model prototype

▼Virtual Youtuber「SIRO」scale model prototype