Unboxing Report - Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men

"Mutation. It is the key to evolution." -Charles Xavier

What comes to your mind when you think of Marvel superhero ensembles? Is it the Avengers? Fantastic Four? The Guardians of the Galaxy? Maybe the Defenders and Thunderbolt? Or is it the mutant X-Men?

The X-Men made their comic debut in 1963 and were later adapted into multiple animated television series. In 2000, 20th Century Fox released the first live-action X-Men feature film with Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen in the lead roles. The performance of the actors solidified these characters for fans and the popularity of the films introduced the X-Men to many others. Furthermore, the X-Men deal with a number of political themes, especially as an allegory for the discrimination of the 60s and 70s, which distinguished the team from other cookie-cutter good versus evil theme, making them some of the most popular characters in the entire Marvel Universe.

▼ Wolverine, born James “Logan” Howlett and arguably the most popular X-Men, possesses a Mutant Healing Factor as well as adamantium-grafted bone claws and skeleton, making him an indestructible lethal weapon. This figure collects Wolverine’s fan-favorite classic yellow suit and is definitely a must-have for Marvel fans!

▼ Includes Wolverine, interchangeable hands with claws retracted and Apocalypse's energy tubes

▼ Wolverine's class striped yellow suit design makes its first appearance in the Hasbro Marvel Legends line

▼ Raised hair and shoulder armor

▼ Grit those teeth!

▼ Full Range of Arm Articulation

▼ Superhero landing! (It's bad on the knees)

▼ How can you leave out Cyclops?

▼ Wolverine's Costume Evolution. Which one is your favorite?

▼ The more the merrier with the 12-inch figure

▼ "So I hear that you have trouble dying as well..."

▼ Victor Creed, AKA Sabretooth, possesses an accelerated healing factor as well as razor sharp fangs and retractable claws. Savage and bloodthirsty, Sabretooth is the Wolverine’s archenemy in the comic books, with a history of animosity between the two that goes back decades.

▼ The set comes with Sabretooth and Apocalypse’s left arm.

▼ 在頭髮及白毛圍巾上,都採用了漸層的塗裝來突現造型的立體感。

▼ 頭雕,怒吼的表情與金鋼狼的咬牙彷彿有所呼應,雙眼外圍則是使用印刷的方式來表現「殺紅眼」的視覺效果。

▼ 劍齒虎採用了相當壯碩的素體來呈現他更野蠻的嗜殺感,搭配高度可動的關節就能完美表現出他的狂態!

▼ 看久了怎麼有一種孫悟空的感覺呢(誤)

▼ 剪不斷理還亂的恩怨情仇,究竟有沒有解開的一天呢?

▼ Storm, born Ororo Munroe, inherited the mutant gene in her family which allows her to manipulate weather phenomena like rain, lightning, hurricanes and blizzards. At full strength, she can control large scale cosmic effects like solar wind and cosmic storms. As a senior member of the X-Men, Storm has long been a favorite amongst collectors, and this time she is rocking her trademark black leather suit and a Mohawk haircut.

▼ The figure includes Storm, two lightning accessories and Apocalypse’s torso.

▼ Ditching the classic long hair and white costume, this Storm goes for a more unique punk-inspired look.

▼ Recreate the classic comic pose!

▼ The include lightning piece can be attached to the arms...or anywhere else that you like.

▼ Gladiator, also known as Kallark, is a member of the Strontian race born under the rule of the Shi’ar Empire. Leader of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, Gladiator possesses a number of abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, flight and heat vision, which strengthen and weaken depending on his level of confidence.

▼ The figure comes with Gladiator and Apocalypse’s head.

▼ Though both are purple, be reminded that Gladiator and Thanos are not one and the same.

▼ Psylocke, born Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock, is a powerful psychic and Captain Britain’s twin sister. After swapping bodies with Revanche/Kwannon, she becomes a skilled melee fighter and a key member of the X-Men. This figure is based on her classic comic book design.

▼ Psylocks comes with a telekinetic katana, hand blade, head crest, energy piece as well as Apocalypse’s left leg

▼ The translucent effect piece can be mounted to the head to show Psylocke's unique crest when employing her psionic powers.

▼ Hopefully we get to see more of Psylocke in the feature films to come!

▼ Multiple Man, whose real name is Jamie Madrox, possesses the ability to creat perfect duplicates of himself and made his cinematic debut in X-Men: The Last Stand. A film centered around the character has been announced with James Franco starring as Multiple Man.

▼ The figure includes three unique head sculpts as well as Apocalypse’s right leg

▼ The jacker does not limit the figure's excellent articulation

▼ "Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

▼ Magneto, born Max Eisenhardt and later adopting the name Erik Lehnsherr, is a powerful mutant and arch-enemy and occasional ally of the X-Men. Possessing the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, Magneto parted ways with his good friend Charles Xavier over differences in their mutant ideologies, resolving to build a new mutant paradise by conquering the human population. This figure from Hasbro is based on Magneto’s design in the All-New, All-Different Marvel Event.

▼ Includes two interchangeable head sculpts, hands, purple effect pieces and Apocalypse's right arm.

▼ Diteching the traditional red and purple for a darker black and red color scheme.

▼ Magneto can levitate with the display stand.

▼ "The humans want to cure us, but WE ARE THE CURE!"

▼ Of course, we have to show you the completed Build-A-Figure Apocalypse, attainable only after you collect all the figures!

▼ Apocalypse, born En Sabah Nur during the time of Ancient Egypt, was the first Mutant, covered in blue lips and grey skin. He possesses an array of abilities, from molecular manipulation, which allows him change his physical size. Leading the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse against all who would oppose him, Apocalypse is the X-Men’s strongest and most dangerous foe. This figure is based on his comic book design, using the Build-A-Figure scale and is no doubt a major highlight of the collection for fans.

▼ Compared to previous Build-A-Figures, Apocalypse is similar to Thanos in height and slightly shorter than Juggernaut

▼ These are the Marvel Legends X-Men from Hasbro. If you love the series or grew up with the classic animated series, then this collection is a can't miss!